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October Updates

Memo Collective

Hello! :) It feels like it’s been a while! 

First things first, WE GOT A DRONE (a DJI Phantom 3 Professional to be exact)! WOOOHOOOOOO! Welcome to the gear family, Droney! :)

After a few days of practicing, I became “Drone Master” and we put it to the test at Liz and Andrews beautiful, oceanside wedding at The Terranea Resort.

Boy was their wedding gorgeous. It was only our third time taking Droney out of the box, so my palms were sweating as I flew it over the water. At one point, we flew it so far away that we couldn’t see or hear it anymore… and to top it off, the drone lost signal with our screen/controller. Naturally, we freaked out for a little but, but DJI makes some amazing stuff – whenever it loses signal, Droney just hovers in place and can even fly itself back to us with the click of a button! Good boy, Droney :) Flying it was scary, but it was so worth the breathtaking footage. See for yourself and check out Liz and Andrew’s Teaser (longer edit to come)!

The rest of the day went by so quickly! Liz and Andrew wowed and entertained their guests with amazing décor, a performance by the Filharmonic, a ramen bar, and a hilarious dance contest that even we wanted to join in on (the prize was an iPad Air – me please!)

All in all, one b-e-a-utiful wedding. Since then, we’ve been working on our business cards (we were scolded by too many friends on why we haven’t made these yet haha), a testimonial video for The Home Church (see below), and a fun photoshoot for kicks and practice! :)

Photoshoot Fun:

That's about it! :)

'Til next time,

- Rachel