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Hello, Wedding Season!

Memo Collective

Rachel here,

First wedding (of the year) down and many many more to go! :)

This past weekend, we kicked off wedding season with David and Lucia’s awesome day at The Colony House. David and Lucia are by far the most imaginative couple we’ve worked with. For instance, their unity ceremony wasn’t performed with candles or sand; nay, the two were united as they prepared a PB&J sandwich in front of all their guests. If that doesn’t convince you, you can see how unique and easy-going this couple is for yourself by watching their “Our Story” video:

We love making these videos, and we’re so grateful for the amazing responses we’ve received! No two “Our Story” videos are ever the same, and it's always exciting to get to know each couple and their unique quirks and stories. 

Anywhoo, hello Wedding Season!

We’ve got an amazing lineup of weddings for the summer (still some dates available), and our first full year of working Memo has been going really well! All thanks to our friends and of course, our God who provides us with every need - even in the most ridiculous circumstances haha. Seriously though, if you want to know about the crazy amount of changes and decisions we've made within just the first 3 months of this year, lets grab a cup of coffee together and chat. 

But as always, “all good things.” 

Speaking of good things - the busy wedding season ahead brings about the first of our big announcements: a new team member, Daniel Lee! He goes by "shldrss" or as I like to call him, “Bun Man." Daniel is a superb rock climber, adventurer, dancer (hehe) and oh yeah, videographer/photographer extraordinaire. He’ll be away for a couple months in the summer, but he’ll be working alongside me and Abe on a few weddings in the fall. Check out his work: here!

I like rocks!

Bun Man's wedding videography has been featured on Style Me Pretty, and we’re confident that his smooth and simple style will be a great compliment to Memo’s work! All in all, we’re super excited to have Daniel as a part of our team and grateful for the chill, fun-loving guy that he is :) 

Here’s a sweet 15 second teaser he made for David and Lucia’s wedding:

Full video coming soon ;)

’til next time,