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Travels: East Coast Pt. 2

Memo Collective

Back home from our second East Coast trip this summer! 

First off, a big whoopin' congrats to the newlyweds who know how to have so much fun, Charles and Christina! Abe and I first met the two last summer when they stayed over at Abe's house during their visit to Cali (They're good friends of Abe's brother, Dan). And funny enough, the next time we saw them, we were staying over at their apartment in Philly while Christina was busy DIYing everything she could for the wedding haha. But I'll come back to these two and the wedding in a bit.

From the friend-filled Philly to food-filled NYC, this trip was the perfect balance of work and play :) We traveled with Abe's two brothers and a friend of ours from Korea, and the five of us had a blast pulling all-nighters playing board games (shoutout to Catan players out there), watching tons of Office episodes, and exploring Philly with our awesome friend and tour guide, Dan C.

Biking around Philly! :) Also, s/o to the Comcast building in the back - aka the coolest building ever. Looks like a giant USB, no? 

Settlers of Catan: Knights and Cities. The game that took us nearly 5 hours to finish. 

As the weekend came along, we moved our shenanigans to the Big Apple. Here, we fell in love with a delicious Japanese ramen shop called Totto Ramen and filled our tummies even more with Halal food and ice cream. (And of course we had to be touristy and visit Times Square too)

Times Square!

Best ramen I have ever had. We had dinner here TWICE within our 3 days in NY haha! So worth it.  

Can you tell how excited I was (despite the humidity and crowds of people)? :)

Our second day in NY was... dun dun dun.... THE WEDDING! Charles and Christina picked an amazing venue (Leonard's Palazzo). Seriously, the staff there was so accommodating and helpful! And Christina looked beautiful in her custom, handmade dress (that she helped design! How cool is that?) Unfortunately, Abe and I were in full video mode that day so you'll just have to wait until the video comes out to experience all that goodness for yourself ;) 

Some awesome highlights: The bride and groom proudly walked down the aisle with high spirits even without music due to technical difficulties, Charles' roommates formed a live band and performed Ed Sheeran's "Thinking Out Loud" for the couple's first dance, and a slideshow featuring a rap written by the groom himself! 

The wedding flew by! I guess that's what happens when the bride and groom just want to celebrate and have a good time with the entire party haha! It's always such a delight to see couples smiling all day and enjoying themselves on their big day despite a million things going on around them. 

And with that, Charles and Christina partied the night away :)

Our next and final day in the city consisted of strolling through Central Park and watching two rival real estate companies play baseball. We know nothing about real estate, but we rooted for Cushman & Wakefield and they won haha! We also met up with both old and new friends (thank you Sarah for letting us chill at your apartment) for more foodie goodness like Shake Shack and a second round of Halal food, yum! 

Writing about this trip now reminds me of how blessed we are to have these traveling opportunities and to have made some more great friends in the East Coast!  Thank you God for your blessings upon us, for the wonderful company, good times, and safe travels. :)

'Til next time,