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Happy New Year!!

Memo Collective

Being home with a runny nose means catching up on blog posts :)

Woweeee, what a year it's been! Abe and I officially started Memo in July of 2015 and it's truly a blessing to see how far we've come in just a couple months!

December went by so so fast, but it definitely was a goodie. We got to meet an amazing couple - Priscilla who is so fun loving, and Jeff whose personality instantly makes everyone around him feel comfortable. Needless to say, their wedding was such a fun one to be a part of - rain AND shine haha. (Wedding video coming SOON!)

Seriously, what a beautiful couple. We get so giddy when we meet people with an eye for style. Priscilla and Jeff had their wedding at the gorgeous Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills, and thanks to them, we got to meet and work with another awesome duo, Sally and Robert of Sally Pinera Photography. We have the best jobs in the world because of how many amazing people we get to meet. Sally and Robert had so much advice and wisdom to share about their journey, and afterwards, we were really inspired and motivated to get out there to make some awesome content. Thank you guys! :) 

In December we also met with our friends, David and Lucia, to shoot a video of their story. Two cute puppies, a trip to San Diego, and bomb food sounds like a good recipe for a video right? Ya'll are in for a treat. Their ideas for the video were so creative and hilarious - we can't wait to film the rest of it! Here are some puppy pics of the adorable Shae and Haylee:

Speaking of treats, if you're ever in Diamond Bar, you need to check out Julie's Cafe. David's mom, Julie, runs the most delicious breakfast shop. We recently worked together to create a new website, online menu, and brand for Julie's Cafe! Let the mouth watering begin:

Julie's Cafe-10.jpg
Julie's Cafe-19.jpg
Julie's Cafe-6.jpg

Again, 100 points for being photographers/videographers because guess who got to eat everything after the photoshoot? :)

That pretty much sums up December! Moving forward in 2016, our goal is to define our brand and style more clearly and to continue putting our best work out there for you all! 2016 shall be a year of gear upgrades and lots of internal rebranding for Memo haha! So stay tuned folks and thank you again to all our friends, new and old, for pushing us. We love you, and happy New Year! :)

- Rachel