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Rachel here! As always, I will start with apologizing for how overdue this post is. I'm sorry. It's been almost a year since I've last updated you mysterious readers on all things Memo!

Well, during that almost-a-year, we've learned so much (mostly from our mistakes, as that is 90% of all learning) and we've been greatly inspired as well. 2016 quickly became the busiest year of our lives with both of us finding full-time/part-time work elsewhere, booking the most weddings we've done so far, getting engaged, planning our wedding, and getting ready to move out! 

We've learned our limits and have been stretched so far and thin, and we're hoping to turn all of that into fuel and fire this year. We'll be taking a short hiatus for the rest of March to prepare for our wedding and to enjoy our honeymoon, but we'll be back with full force in April!

I'll be working Memo kind-of-full-time, so I hope to make some progressive changes in the way we've been running our "business." I put it that way because it still often feels like a rinky-dink, two-man operation of youngsters trying to learn and make things up as we go (which is only about 80% true haha). We still have so much learn and improve, so we'll be working at that step-by-step. 

In the coming months, most of our changes will be invisible, internal processes that deal with better organization systems and workflow, but we hope to rebrand and make more cosmetic changes to Memo as well. 

Be on the lookout, folks! :) Here's to another exciting wedding season and year!


Rachel + Abe

Photo by Keeks (that's what you should name your photo/video business, Kevin!) 

Photo by Keeks (that's what you should name your photo/video business, Kevin!)