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Big Changes Coming Soon!

Memo Collective

Hiya! Rachel here,

I think I start off every blog post apologizing for the lack of blog posts due to our busyness, but boy, have we been busy in January haha! God is definitely leading us to big things this year, and we're thrilled to see what's in store and to find out where all this work will take us! We kicked off the new year with so many game changing decisions, an overflow of work (aka blessings), and many many nights discussing our future plans. 

At the end of 2015, Memo was really starting to pick up (thanks to our wonderful clients and friends!). We officially started this company about six months ago, and we've completed a handful of projects since then. It's seriously so amazing to see how far we've come in such a short amount of time. Going into the new year, our inquiries and bookings boomed out of nowhere! We have work pouring in from left and right, so our hope is that all of that would motivate us to work even harder. So far, 2016 seems like it'll be a fun, jam-packed year :) 

We want our aesthetics to match our evolving work so the big news is that we'll be completely revamping our website! We'll also be switching over from YouTube to Vimeo for HD settings and awesome, widescreen aspect ratios. It all sounds like tech talk, but it's exciting news nonetheless :) Abe is especially looking forward to rebuilding our website and quite possibly our logo too! 

2016 started with a bang and we want to keep that momentum going. It's pretty exciting and scary at the same time to have so many different areas of your life going through transitions, but as Abe and I always like to say, "all good things." For one, Memo is growing and we're discussing the possibility of expanding our company. Second, the church that we're heavily involved at, The Home Church, is merging with an awesome group of new brothers and sisters (come check it out)! And in other news, friends are getting engaged, work is flowing in, loans are getting paid, and little Momo the maltese is learning some awesome tricks :)

I had a feeling 2016 would be a big year, and God is affirming that day by day. Through all the late nights and intense, yet rewarding work to come, we hope to stay focused on our higher calling and to trust God in every endeavor. Cheers to a year of big, big changes! 

I'll end with some goodies :) 

Jeff and Priscilla's wedding highlight video:

Photos from David and Lucia's engagement shoot:

Til next time! :)