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Travels: Seattle

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My blog posts are a little out of order, but here are some goodies from our recent trip to Seattle! :)

Lauren, Raymond, Abe, and I drove up 18 hours overnight to visit our good, newlywed friends, Daniel and Evangeline! Thank you both for your amazing hospitality and for all the tours/fun!

The gang (minus Daniel) in front of their lovely new home! :)

DAY 1: After a full night of driving, we powered through and got to stop by Portland for lunch, tour Seattle's Pike Place Market, and visit the first Starbucks! Unfortunately we got there too late and all the stores nearby were closing, but it was still nice to see and experience.

Me and Abe! (Thanks photographer Lauren!)

Raymond in front of the Gum Wall (it was kind of gross)

The fabulous Miss Lauren ;)

Then we met up with Daniel and Evangeline and had a great sushi dinner in the city! :) (Sorry no pictures - we were too excited to see them) After dinner, we made a quick tourist stop in front of the Space Needle before heading back home to the most adorable little furball to ever roll around this planet, Ellie.

OH-EM-GEE. The cutest little cotton ball.



This post could easily be filled with pictures of just Ellie, but we must move on. 

DAY 2: Woke up, yummy breakfast quesadillas, ladies got pestered by the boys for taking too long to get ready, and finally we got on the go! Evangeline took us to see the beauty that is Mt. Rainier. Washington, you are truly breathtaking. And our amazing tour guide even packed us sandwiches for a nice picnic in the woods :) I'll let these pictures do the talking:

Mt. Rainier

Group photo!

Ray looks like a giant here x)

Chillin' over a river 

Afterwards we came home to a KBBQ feast that Daniel had prepared for us! We filled our tummies and got to spend time with some old friends, David and Derek too. 'Twas a good night :) 

DAY 3: Our trip was so short! On our final day, the whole group went out for lunch before our departure. Yay for another round of sushi (Thanks Pastor Dan's parents!) :) Then we all decided that Dutch Bro's was our new favorite coffee place. If you haven't had it before, the coffee is great, but the service is even better. They were the happiest servers we have ever seen - we were so intrigued haha! 

Thus began the long drive back home. We played car games until our brains wanted to fall out, stopped by another Dutch Bro's for a caffeine refill (again, these workers have figured out life or something, they were so pumped and happy haha), and I fed Abe possibly 500 sunflower seeds while he drove 16 hours straight through the night. Kudos to Abe and Lauren our trooper drivers! 

And that concludes our trip to Washington! :) 

This summer was an awesome one with filled with so much traveling! As summer comes to a end, we feel very blessed and excited for what's next!

'Til next time, 

- Rachel and Abe! :)