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How We Select Music

Memo Collective

One of the most frequent questions that our couples ask us is how we select the music in our videos. So here's a little blog post about the process!

First off, we find and license all of our music through This site offers an enormous selection of artists and genres, and we've come to know this expansive library inside and out. While we love those romantic Ed Sheeran and John Mayer songs, we unfortunately can't use mainstream music because it’s illegal to do so without obtaining proper licensing. Fortunately, offers an amazing selection of talented artists of all genres!

Once we finish pulling and sequencing all of the footage we want to use, the music selection process begins!

Abe and I consider several factors while searching. We acknowledge the couple's personalities, the content of their vows and speeches, the look and feel of their venue, and the overall vibe of their wedding day. For example, an orchestral song would be a good fit for an emotional and elegant wedding in a grand ballroom, whereas an acoustic song might be the best choice for a cozy and romantic outdoor wedding. While it’s never quite that black-and-white, we get a good feel of which songs would work as we start editing. Once we narrow down our choices, we carefully listen to each song's intro/outro, length, dynamics, lyrics, and instrumentals. As creatives, Abe and I largely "go by feel" and always consult one another during the process. And when we both feel "it" (a feeling that loosely translates to wow, that's the one), we know we've found the right song!

We mine for the good stuff and spend hours (sometimes days) curating playlists because each video really does seem to have a song that fits just right. And for that reason, we never recycle songs for our highlight films. We believe each couple, wedding, and video is remarkably unique, and we want to ensure that each one we create is special down to the music that’s selected! So the quest to find the perfect song can take a while and involve some trial and error, but it's so rewarding to see how the visuals and music blend to complement each other in the end. 

It's truly an honor to be trusted with music selection, because it's so important and no easy task! However, we also welcome suggestions from couples who want to be more involved in the selection process. Feel free to browse through and let us know if there are any songs or genres that stick out to you! We'd love to hear your thoughts and share our input as well! :)

- Rachel