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Our Story Videos

Memo Collective

Every couple has a unique relationship story. Some have overcome the difficulties of long distance, while others grew up as neighbors. Some are high school sweethearts, while others met online. Some started dating at, "Will you be my girlfriend?" while others answered no... (only to change their minds later). :) 

Whatever your story might be, the Our Story video is such a fun and amazing way to share your journey together as a couple with your loved ones!

The Process:

  1. You each fill out a 3-question questionnaire. Easy! :)
  2. We set a date to film together.
  3. We start with story time, then go on a double date (with our cameras)!
  4. We show your Our Story video on your wedding day!

We absolutely love making Our Story videos for so many reasons. First, we get to meet and know you better. Second, if you're creatives like us, it's an opportunity to think outside the box and make something that really reflects your personalities (like David and Lucia's story below)! And third, you and your guests will have a blast watching it on a day that's so intimately and specially yours. We've witnessed so much laughter, tears, and joy shared through the unique experience of sharing stories in this way! Some of our brides have even mentioned that they want to keep their 'Our Story Video' to share with their future children! How sweet! 

The Our Story Video is something we truly feel is so unique to Memo and to you as the main storytellers! We hope you enjoy them and consider making one with us as well! :)

Some more info:

The Our Story Video is an additional service we offer that can be added on to your package. A projector and 10'x8' screen is included to showcase the video on the day of your wedding. 

A New Season

Memo Collective

Since the day Abe and I started Memo as a pair of clueless college students, we've dreamed of the opportunity to take our little videography business full time. 

After four years of working part-time/full-time elsewhere and growing Memo on the side, we're so excited to announce that this is the start of a new season for us! Abe recently left his full-time marketing job at a company that has been so good to us for the past two years. It was such a bittersweet decision because he left a group of amazing coworkers and a great work environment, but we're also thrilled to devote more of ourselves to where God is leading us!

Our hope for this year is to use our time more intentionally in every way. We want to grow as a married couple, learn how to manage our business better, challenge our creativity, invest in building deeper relationships, practice more discipline, and explore some of our other interests together! 

Specifically with Memo, our biggest goal is to reshape our business in a way that better reflects who we are. We don't want to separate ourselves from our business because Memo is more than just another videography service - at the heart of Memo is me and Abe! :) So today, we start with a clean slate and a promise to start sharing more openly and authentically about ourselves and our awesome little business. 

We're incredibly grateful for the opportunity to take this next step and for all those who've supported us along the way! Cheers to this new season of growth!

- Rachel